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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my child play on the same team as his best friend, neighbor, cousin, etc?

SAY Rule 8 - Legal Team, #3 Player Draw:  Players shall be assigned to teams in a manner that provides no advantage to any one team over another. Assignment of new players and those who have moved up from a lower age division shall be by blind draw or some other method that results in teams being balanced in ability level. This is one of the most basic rules of SAY and must be enforced by each district. Any random choice method is acceptable.

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Can my child play on the same team as his/her same sex sibling?

Yes, if the same sex sibling is in the same playing level. For example, 8yr. old and 9yr. old siblings can play together because they are both considered Wings players. Please refer to the registration forms for playing level ages. In addition, SAY Rule 1 states parents may request, in writing,  that their children play in the next oldest division prior to the player draw proceedings. Such player assignments may only be made with the written approval for the District Representative. Please note that Candy level may not play up to the next division.

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I do not want my child to have the same coach as last year. What can I do?

On the registration form, just indicate that you do not want to be on the same team and your child will be removed as a core player from that team. Your child will be placed in the draw for random assignment to a new team. SAY rules require that children be assigned to teams in a fair manner and recommend a random assignment via a draw procedure. A coach's child and one named assistant coach's child are exempt from the draw. Unless you or your spouse are the named assistant, you can not choose which team your child will play. However, as long as there are more than two teams/coaches in a division, you may request that your child NOT play for a particular coach by designating this in the appropriate are on the registration form.

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I liked my child's coach from last year, but I don't want him/her to play with the same kids. What can I do?

You can not request the same coach but with different players. However with turnover, keep in mind that up to half the team is new each year. You do have the option to request your child not play on the same team and be placed back in the Player Draw for random assignment.

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Can I bring my pet to the games?

Pets are not allowed at Finley Ray Park.

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We have a very busy schedule and can only practice on a certain night. Can I request a certain practice night?

You can request a practice night but there is no guarantee that you will get that night. It is up to the coach to decide which night the team will practice. The coaches are able to request practice nights because they are volunteering an incredible amount of time and energy to this effort. It is nearly impossible to accommodate a request by every player for a practice night. We are servicing over 2,000 players per year. We have limited field space and must abide by the random draw assignment of players to teams. Therefore, we can not move children from team to team based on scheduling needs.

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I work and cannot possibly get my child to practice at Finley Ray by 5:30pm. Can I request a different team that practices closer to my home or work?

No. We have limited field space. We allow the coaches to choose a practice location based on what is available. We can not move children from team to team based on their driving needs. Playing levels have varying field sizes, and there are certain locations used for the varying field sizes.

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I want to be a coach. Can I choose one or two of my own assistant coaches?

You may indicate on your registration form ONE person to be your assistant coach. Their child must be in your child's playing level. Please remember that if you choose someone who was not on your team last year and you are staying in the same playing level, you may bump one of your core players off your team.  You may not name a new assistant coach for a secondary season unless the previous assistant coach's child is not on the team.

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If I coach, can I have a certain child assigned to my a sponsor's child?

We always welcome sponsors to our organization. You may not, however, interfere with the Random Draw of assigning players to a team. If the sponsor does not have any children playing, they can sponsor the team. We can not move a sponsor's child from one team to another or knowingly change the random assignment of that player.

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What does Random Draw mean for team assignments?

SAY has very detailed guidelines for conducting the player draw and randomly assigning players. It will not be quoted here because it is very lengthy. If the player's parents request he not be on the same team, the player will be placed in the draw.

  • In the fall, all core players in the same division can be placed on their previous primary (spring) team.

  • In the spring, there is a complete redraw of all teams.

  • Coaches' and assistant coaches' children are assigned to team if they are not core players.

  • All new players and players moving up to the next playing level are placed in a draw pool for assignment.

  • Each team with an age division must have the same number of players of each age group as other teams within that age division (within one player). Therefore as team assignments are made, these numbers must be balanced.

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How can I become a referee?

Being a referee is not for everyone, but it can be very rewarding and fun. Referees help the players, parents, and coaches better understand the rules of soccer. And, it's a great way for kids and adults to earn extra cash! NWCCSAY / Milford Soccer provides a referee training class before each soccer season begins. Classes are usually held twice each year. Check the referee section of the website for more information.

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I don't like a situation that I saw on the playing/practice field. What should I do?

As a parent, the most important thing for you to do is have good communication with your child's coach. Talk to the coach about the situation. NWCCSAY is a recreational soccer program for all children to have fun playing soccer. We want to encourage good sportsmanship, fun, and safe play. We rely on volunteer coaches for all of our teams because we are a recreational league. If you have a young child, please just allow them to have fun on the field. If you have an older child whom you feel is more competitive than our league or whom you would like to be come competitive, you might consider a select league. There are many select leagues in most communities. Please remember that a recreational league is comprised of many different playing abilities, coaching levels, parent expectations, and referee skill levels.

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How can I get a refund if my child can't play soccer?

Requests for a refund must be made in writing via email ([email protected]). Please indicate the player's name, check number originally submitted, who the check should be refunded to, the address to send the check, and the reason for the refund. Refunds requested prior to the refund date are subject to a $5 administrative fee.  Refunds are not guaranteed.  Refund requests received after the refund cut-off date will be reviewed on an individual basis and are subject to a minimum $25 administrative fee.

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Do we play on holidays during the Spring and Fall soccer seasons?

  • Easter Sunday: No games (but there are games on the proceeding Saturday).

  • Memorial Day: No regular season games are scheduled during this weekend. However, your team might choose to participate in tournaments, so confirm with your coach.

  • Labor Day: No regular season game are scheduled during this weekend. However, your team might choose to participate in tournaments, so confirm with your coach.

  • Halloween: Yes, although late afternoon games might be rescheduled.

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What time are practices? How many practices per week? What time are the games?

Coaches set the practices times, but generally begin between 5-6:30pm. They tend to last around 1-2 hours depending on the age group (practices are shorter for younger age groups, longer for older age groups). Each coach sets the practice schedule with a maximum of two nights per week for children U8 and above. One night per week for U4, U5 and U6. The first week available for practice is mid to late March for the Spring season, and early to mid August for the Fall season.

Game times depend on the age group. Regular season Saturday games start around 9am and are slotted until around 5pm.. Each game last roughly 45 - 90 minutes (younger ages play shorter games). Sunday games start after 1pm. Weeknight evening games start after 5:45pm. During tournaments, games may start as early as 8am and last until dark. Sunday tournament games may occur in the morning in order to get all the game completed.

More information is available for each specific division - refer to our Recreation Overview section for division descriptions.

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How are practice times assigned?

The coach chooses the practice night(s) that best fits his/her schedule. Due to SAY rules, children can not be moved to a team once they are placed on a team.

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I want to be an assistant for a specific head coach. What do I do?

If you signed up to be an assistant coach, thank you! Assistant coaches are selected by a head coach prior to the team draw. The one named assistant and his/her child will be placed with this team prior to assigning the rest of the players. NWCCSAY does not assign assistants with head coaches. If you select to be an assistant coach, and a head coach has not named you as an assistant, your child will be assigned with the rest of the players. By indicating your interest in assisting, you are letting the coach know your child gets assigned to that team, and you are interested in helping the team.

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Who can receive a SAY Soccer Rulebook?

Rulebooks are published by SAY National each year. Coaches receive a copy for their use. The SAY National website publishes a free online version and also has information on how to purchase a printed copy.

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Are you allowed to wear earrings while you are playing soccer?

Jewelry of any kind, including earrings (even if covered with a band-aid), are not permitted while playing soccer.

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My child has a cast on his/her arm and the doctor says they can play soccer. Is this permitted?

A child with any type of cast or split (even though covered with soft padding) may not practice or participate in games. The only exception would be for an inflated “air” casts. The child may be eligible for a refund for the season – email our website for more information.

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My child has special needs, can he/she be placed on a team?

Depending on the needs of your child, NWCCSAY may or may not be able place him/her on a team in this league. There is another local program that specializes in this. Please visit Cincinnati Top Soccer for more information.

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