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Passer Program


In many communities across the country, successful instructional soccer leagues for children 6 to 7 years old have been formed. These leagues focus on instruction in basic soccer skills, learning to take direction in a group or team environment; and above all having fun.

In NWCCSAY, our league for 6 to 7 year olds is called Modified Passers. In Milford, as well as in other communities across the country, leagues that have 6 to 7 year old modified passer divisions report greater skill levels and shorter adjustment periods for the children as the progress to full size teams. With the focus on having fun and on taking instruction, NWCCSAY follows SAY National rules for Passers (U8) with the following exceptions/clarifications:

Field Size:
60 yards long by 36 yards wide

Ball Size:
Size #3

Team Size:
Generally 10 to 11 players per team. Maximum of seven players on the field at a time, but no less than 5 players.

Playing Time:
Four 10 minute quarters. Everyone plays a minimum of two quarters. The idea is to play everyone equally!


It is very important at this age level to keep the players active at all times. Move your players to different field positions during games. Make their soccer experience fun and remember to praise and encourage their efforts always no matter the level of skill. Involve parents as much as possible.

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