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Out of House (Travel Coaches) - Fall 2017


Please check your master travel roster you will receive before your first game. Look over and make sure everything is correct, fill in player’s jersey #'s, and sign it. Make copies, and bring to every game. Referees will be periodically checking rosters before games this season.

Season & Tournaments:

This season, all U12, U14, U16 and U19 team will be inter-playing with SAY North. In SAY North travel team divisions, the home team pays for both referees and in the fall season, all teams will play 10 league games. Official games begin August 26th. Final games for all divisions is October 28th.

Trophies will be awarded for teams finishing 1st or 2nd in their respective division.

DO NOT RUN UP THE SCORE - No matter if you're the losing or winning team. Once the total of goals is 4 or more, do something drastic to change the flow of the game. Play a player or two short, go to 12 passes before a shot on goal, have only 2 players allowed in the offensive half of the pitch, etc.

Minors and Seniors:

Will play 8v8 on a striker/kicker field 4-20 minute quarters and will have 2 referees.

Contact the Coach:

Make sure you contact the coach you will be playing against at least 6 days in advance of game day to verify location & time. Please do this whether it's a HOME or AWAY GAME. Don't wait until the last minute to do this. Ask for field condition phone numbers for the location of the game.


If you need to reschedule a home game, please use the website, contact the other coach, and contact your District Representative to verify field and referee availability. Teams are limited to 1 rescheduled home game (unless weather has canceled your game). If it's an away game, please contact the other coach to get the reschedule done, but if you and the other coach can’t settle on a date, please contact the District Representative listed below.


Plan your practices accordingly as there may be some nights due to scheduling, where your field is being used for a game. Please look for open green space to practice or an empty field. DO NOT take or move another team’s field if they are practicing there. Periodically check the NWCCSAY website, under ref schedules, to see if/when there are games, and if they have been covered.

Game Schedules:

Game schedules will be posted on our website (will exclude phone and email information), all scores for SAY North inter play will be posted on SAY North’s website. If there are any mistakes, please email The SAY North website has locations to other area fields. Visit

We want to wish all coaches best of luck this season, and if you have any problems please contact us.
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