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                                       Milford Storm-FC Fees       

Storm-FC Program (Birth years 2000-2011)

The Storm-FC program will consist of a club fee (the fee you pay to MYSC to participate in our select program), a team fee (the fee you pay to your team for miscellaneous such as tournaments and refs), and a uniform fee (You will only need to pay this for your players first year and then again as they grow out of the uniform) 

* Club Fee:     $181.00 per season. This fee will be paid in June upon acceptance to a team for the Fall and again on January 20th for the                                                                                        Spring season.
* Team Fees:  These fees will vary based on how many games your team plays, how many tournaments they compete in, and how many                                                                                         players are on the team.
* Uniforms:    $140.00 (Approximately) Uniforms purchases vary a little season to season. Again, you will only need to pay this for your                                                                                          players first year and then again as they grow out of the uniform.

Storm-FC Development League (Birth year 2012 Only)

The Storm-FC Development League
will have the same fee structure as the Storm-FC program but will cost less.

* Club Fee:     $158.00
* Team Fees:  Will vary and are again based on how involved your team wants to be.
* Uniforms:     $ 35.00 (Approximately) Uniforms will only need to be purchased once and will be the same as the Development Academy.
If you have any questions you can email our Director Gary Pauley at [email protected]



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