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Milford Storm Frequently Asked Questions

Does this impact either organizations recreational programs?

No.  This partnership is strictly on the competitive “select” side.  Both Loveland and Milford rec programs will remain independent.

Will we play/practice in Loveland?

No. We will maintain our training/practices and home games at New Finley Ray Park in Milford.

Do Refs Change?


Yes, Our refs will be scheduled by the GCSL from their pool of USSF licensed referees.  

Will travel change?

Not really.  Travel will mostly be contained to the Greater Cincinnati area.

Are we ready for more challenging opponents?


Absolutely.  We already compete with these teams in tournaments with success.  It will make our teams better to have this level of competition on a consistent basis.  

Will fees change?

For our first season there will not be any significant increase.  We will re-evaluate at the end of that first season. Our goal is to maintain an affordable program with great training and coaching.

If I currently have a Milford Premier player will they need to tryout again for the spring?

No, except for BU13/14.  We will be doing supplemental tryouts in the spring for teams that need to pick up players.  Full tryouts for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 will follow the spring season.

Why the BU13/14 exception?

BU13/14 parents will receive that information in a separate email.

Will current players need new uniforms?

Yes.  More details will follow, but this will be external to current fees.

How much will new uniforms cost?

That is still being determined.  It is estimated that full uniform “kits” will run somewhere between $100 and $150.  These will be multi-year uniforms of high quality.

Will the way I register change?

Yes.  There will be some “growing pains” for spring registration.  You may actually need to register twice. However that process is still being developed and will be well documented.

Will our colors change?

Yes.  We will have the same uniforms and colors of Loveland Storm with a Milford Storm logo.  This is for a number of reasons but primarily this will allow us to have "guest" players between teams if necessary.  

Premier Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Milford Premier different from other programs?


  • Our fees are typically much lower than other clubs.
  • We don’t have to travel to different practice fields that aren’t where we live.
  • We have one of the best parks around with a group of volunteers that are here for the kids.
  • Our coaches run the teams, not the “trainer”. We still believe in the bond formed by coaches and their players and parents.

What league does Premier play in, who is the competition?

  • Spring 2019 we will begin to play in the GCSL

How many teams are in each age group and how are the teams created?

  • The goal is to have a single team per birth year age group.  Teams are created after open tryouts.

When are tryouts?

  • Seasons run from fall to spring in club play. Open tryouts occur in the fall and are usually held around the time kids are getting out of school, late May or early June. For the spring seasons we hold supplemental tryouts for those teams that may need additional players.

What is the cost for my daughter to play in Premier and what does that include?

  • Player fees will be $180.50 per season. This includes league and trainer fees.  There is a separate uniform fee that can be used for multiple seasons.

How many days a week do teams practice and where?

  • All teams will have training sessions twice a week. One session will be with the club trainer and the other with their head coach. The head coach runs the team at all games and is present for all activities including the trainer session. Practices are held at our own Finley Ray Park, one of the best facilities around.

Where are the games played and when?

  • Our home fields are at Finley Ray Park, the same location as all practices. Half of our inter-league games are played at our opponents’ fields, typically within a 45 minute drive. Teams must be prepared to play 7 days a week. While we all strive for weekend games, Saturdays and/or Sundays, weather and tournaments always play a part in forcing teams to play some mid-week games.

How many games will my child play in a season?

  • Club soccer can be a busy time filled with back-to-back games at times and juggling schedules. This is due to the openness of teams to participate in tournaments held throughout the season. So teams need to be flexible in order for inter-league games to get played in addition to any tournaments a team wishes to participate in. In the fall season, each team typically is scheduled for between 6-9 inter-league games. The spring season is a shorter time frame so a 6 game inter-league season is more the norm. Participation is each tournament during either season adds an additional 3 or 4 games to your schedule per tournament. 

How many tournaments will my son play in, how far do teams travel for tournaments?

  • The tournament chosen is always up to the coach of the team. If they have interest in an out of city/state tournament, they will first run the idea by their teams’ parents. If the team is interested in additional tournaments, parents and coaches work together to find what is best for their team. Any additional costs for such tournaments are shared by the team. 

Who is the trainer, what do they do and how are they different than a coach?

  • For most seasons we utilize the training staff from Coerver Ohio. This is a well-known organization that provides licensed soccer trainers to organizations as well as running various soccer camps in the area. Our trainers’ responsibility is to work with our teams on individual skills identified by the teams’ coach. These may include foot skills, tackling strategies, all depending on the age group of the team. The trainer is a resource to the coach. The coach runs the team and is present at all times. Their practices will focus more on team building exercises but can include anything the coach feels is necessary for their team. Our coaches still have previous soccer coaching experience and will manage all aspects of the team and communication to the parents.
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