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Thunder Futbol Club Overview

Thunder FC


community rooted affordable competitive soccer

growing players, having fun, giving back, preparing for tomorrow



What is Thunder FC?


Thunder Futbol Club is an affordable, community-based club (select) soccer program for girls and boys that offers Milford players an opportunity to train and play more competitive soccer close to home over multiple seasons/years with friends, teammates and coaches.  It is part of MYSC and we will play our first season in the Fall of 2020.


Community rooted competitive soccer --- Thunder FC  is a new community based club (select) soccer program for girls and boys that offers a higher level of affordable training and competition and enables players to train and play with friends, teammates, and coaches over multiple seasons and years.  Girls and boys teams will be composed primarily of players who live in or go to school in the Milford School District.


Milford has a strong recreational program; and we do not plan to deplete or diminish the quality of that program.  It is and always will be the core of the MYSC. By managing a club and recreational program under one organization we believe we offer a broader spectrum of opportunities to help match our players and families with a soccer experience that best fits their interests and needs.


Growing players – we want each player develop to his/her fullest potential.  We will utilize coaches and trainers who are passionate teachers, deliberate trainers, and patient instructors to advance the soccer skills of our players .


Having fun – we believe soccer should be a fun experience for our players and their families.  We believe soccer is best taught in an atmosphere of positive feedback. We believe in celebrating success on and off the field, and encouraging players with positive reinforcement.


Giving back – we believe in investing in our community.  We believe it is a privilege to play club soccer in Milford, and that soccer should not be just about ‘me’.  We want our players to see the needs of others in our community. Each team is expected to undertake a community service project each season as part of its investment in the community.


Preparing for tomorrow on and off the field – we want the experience of playing club soccer to help build skills that transcend soccer and help our players be better equipped to be successful in life.  We believe participation in the Thunder FC can help build character; develop responsibility and leadership; promote self accountability, and teach the value of teamwork and perseverance.  

Thunder FC  teams will be created over the coming seasons based on the number of players and families interested in playing more competitive soccer and the availability of qualified coaches.  Central to our vision is that should we offer multiple teams at an age group, we will not form a hierarchy with “A” and “B” level teams. Our goal is to keep friends and teammates together over time, and once a team is formed, to keep that group together.

Team Formation

Once approved by the Thunder FC Board, new teams will hold an open tryout process that includes at a minimum notifying all players in MYSC who are of the appropriate age.  The team coach will be responsible for running the tryout. Once formed the teams will hold annual (and supplemental if needed) tryouts for the purposes of filling gaps/vacancies in the roster.  The primary focus will be players who live within the Milford School District, have played in MYSC, or attend a school in the Milford school district. In the event multiple teams are formed at a given age, they shall be named as; Red (first team formed), Black (second team formed), White (third team formed).  The teams will not be organized based on a competitive hierarchy.

Coaching Requirements

Head coaches will ideally have a minimum of two years coaching experience as a head coach in a recreational or club (select) organization. Head coaches are required to possess a USSF coaching license as noted below and agree to participate in annual continuing education coaches programs.


  • Must have US Soccer grassroots license equivalent of the format their age group plays in.

  • Must agree to continued education through either US Soccer or United Soccer Coaches

  • NSCAA Goalkeeper Level 1 diploma (recommended for U10 and older teams)

    Thunder FC coaches are expected to adhere to the following principles:


    • Embrace and model the coaching philosophy and standards of Thunder FC

    • Focus on player development with a strong foundation on basic ball skills

    • Focus on instruction with positive reinforcement/encouragement over criticism

    • Encourage teamwork, passing and possession over individual play

    • Encourage player creativity

    • Keep winning and achievement in proper perspective

    • Create and maintain positive and open relationships with parents


    • Communicate effectively with parents and Thunder FC leadership


    If you are interested in coaching, please contact us at [email protected] for more information and a coaching application.  

For More Information please continue to check back to this site; we will update as we have more information.

Questions about the change can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Thunder FC will play in the Cardinal Premier League.


Player registration fee includes:
  • Insurance and Player Cards

  • GMAA Membership Fee (Field maintenance and usage, same as rec. league)

  • Administration fee, (game scheduling, registration administration, and various other administrative functions).

  • Trainer, each team will be provided with 1 training session per week with a certified trainer.

Team Size's:

  • U9/10 -   7v7 (9 to 14 players team)

  • U11/12 - 9v9 (11 to 16 players per team)

  • U13/14 - 11v11 (13 to 18 players per team)

  • U15-up - 11v11 (13 to 22 players per team)


Additional Information:

  • Players may not play in both the CPL and Recreational leagues.

  • Team formation is based on seasonal try-outs.

  • Teams may include players from other local areas (for example Sycamore, Anderson or Eastgate).

  • Fields will be available for practice twice a week.

  • Tournament selection is up to the discretion of the coaches. These could be tournaments played against other programs in our area or held further away if the coach desires. It is expected that the coach will discuss with their team any desire to play outside the general area in case this involves additional travel costs. The team may also play in additional tournaments but those costs are the responsibility of the team. (Total team entry fees are capped at a particular level for each team.)

Playing Up:

  • All players are expected to play with their birth age group.

  • Players can play up for the following reasons.
  • The child is technically and tactically ahead of their birth age group.
  • A team needs players that cannot be filled from the pool at the age group.
  • All players playing up will be reevaluated every year.
  • Players may not play up more than one birth year.  







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